Fred’s Five Minute Talks: Your Masonic Questions Answered


by: Fred Lomax

Publisher: Lewis Masonic

Product code: ISBN: SKU: 9780853184379

Fred’s Five Minute Talks is an invaluable teaching and mentoring tool, providing much to answer the questions posed by new Freemasons and Past Masters alike. Every Lodge should have a copy in its library and every Lodge Mentor should keep it close to hand.” Tony Harvey, Provincial Grand Mentor for Derbyshire, The Prestonian Lecturer for 2012

Have you ever wondered why we wear gloves at our meetings?

On which page should we open the Volume of the Sacred Law?

Landmarks, what do we know about them?

Ritual; must we follow the ritual according to the book?

So Mote it Be – what do we know about it? Where did it come from?

Why do we have a chequered pavement in our lodge-rooms?

What is the importance of the Ancient Charges?

What is a Lewis? Do they have preference over others?

Which is the oldest lodge?

Why the Seven Liberal Arts & Sciences? What is their importance?

‘Calling Off ‘ and ‘Calling On’ – what is the purpose?

Deacons – when did they appear in Lodges and why?

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