Turning The Hiram Key (Small Softback Edition)


by: Robert Lomas

Publisher: Lewis Masonic

Product code: L82795

ISBN: 9780853182795

The author here tackles the big unanswered questions about the Brotherhood including; what is the purpose of freemasonry?; what do Masons gain from working its Rituals?; can anybody benefit from the Spiritual Teachings of ‘The Craft’?; are Masonic rituals simple mor plays designed to encourage people to behave well?; are they a secr tradition preserved from a long lost civilisation?; are they meaningless formalities, or do they serve some deeper purpose?; In this ground-breaking book the author describes his personal journey through the mystical rituals of Freemasonry and reveals why people join Freemasonry, what they expect to find and how they benefit. 4 colour photos. 381 pages. Softback. This Edition printed 2007

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