The Kiss of Death


by: Tobias Churton

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-905857-39-5

The explosive story of how the Gospel of Judas came to be published and how this influences our view of the origins of Christianity is told in full for the first time

Churton’s fascinating expos_ begins with the exciting story of the discovery of The Gospel of Judas in Egypt in 1978, tracing its passage through the hands of various dealers before it languished in a New York safety deposit box with a 3-million-dollar price tag for years before it was finally published _ accompanied by a huge fanfare of publicity and controversy. Kiss of Death explains the message of the Gospel and the importance of its discovery, setting it in the context of other Gnostic texts and traditions. Written like a pacy thriller, it is an intelligent and well-researched study which offers a fresh perspective on the origins of Christianity.

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