Maranatha – Et In Arcadia Ego


Publisher: Priory Publications

Product code: N93801

ISBN: 0954993802

It is a small, simple looking, light publication, purely designed to be carried around and worked on. It contains easily broken hieroglyphic pages and crude drawings, presented in a fashion to appear similar to those sketches drawn by the old hermetical scholars of history. Within this book, is a genuine secret, a ‘Key’ that has been kept hidden for centuries!

Using the simple code (that will be familiar to some of you already) you will be able to crack the puzzle contained therein. From restricted material a small group of Holy Grail researchers discovered not only the answer to what history has obscured, but also the evidence to prove it. In the attempt to find the most effective way to release the discovery, Priory Publications (GB) Ltd, now offers readers the opportunity to actually redefine history, and learn and discover the truth for themselves! By using their research and discoveries the authors offer the worlds most controversial and unique book.

The publication consists of only 80 pages, half of which is dedicated to the historic puzzle, the remainder is full of helpful information to help the reader along the way. The value of the book isn’t in its purposeful rough appearance; its worth is that it is part of the most controversial series of books ever released. It offers the key to genuinely change history and a reward that is truly historical.

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