Freemasonry – The Reality


by: Tobias Churton

Publisher: A. Lewis

Product code: L82757

ISBN: 9780853182757

Its time to forget the Fairy stories, the lies, the propaganda and the wishful thinking. Its time for the Reality! Remove the hoodwink of what you thought you knew about Freemasonry – its aims and origins. This remarkable book is about to bring the picture into focus in a way never before possible. Discover the true story of the worldÍs most influential brotherhood take a journey through into the mystical past that reveals the true source of Masonic wisdom. Discover the amazing world of the Alchemists, mystics and political visionaries who made the Order what it is today. Discover the secret divine aim at the heart of Freemasonry and see the real meanings in the now completely misinterpreted rituals and symbols of the Craft. Written by academic, historian and Freemason Tobias Churton, this book will allow you to see the Masonic Lodge and brotherhood in a completely new light.

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