Freemasonry, Symbols, Secrets, Significance


by: W. Kirk MacNulty

Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd

Product code: N13026

ISBN: 9780500513026

Remarkable, stunning is the only word to describe this new book – the superb quality of the illustrations makes the book a visual delight – author, designer and publisher are to be congratulated on producing one of the best books on Freemasonry I have seen in 35 years – Masonic Quarterly

With its ancient ritual, closely guarded secrets, arcane symbols and intriguing regalia, Freemasonry has fascinated for almost three hundred years – but the mystery has led to myth and often misunderstanding.

Drawing on some of the worldäó»s greatest collections of Masonic material, and including many objects never before published, this book offers a uniquely accessible and comprehensive picture of the organization. It covers the origins and history of the Order; the philosophy behind the Degree rituals; the ever-changing relationship between Freemasonry and wider society (including the role of women in Freemasonry and opposition to Masonry); the puzzles and mysteries associated with Freemasons; and finally a survey of the most prominent Brothers over time.

The picture is completed with in-depth coverage of the various Higher Degrees and affiliated organizations around the world, including the Holy Royal Arch, Mark Masonry, Knights Templar, and Scottish and York Rites.

With stunning colour illustrations and profound insights, this book separates fact from fiction, and opens our eyes to new, more fundamental, mysteries.

W. Kirk MacNulty has been a Freemason for over forty years, and is a member of Lodges in England and America.

23.5 x 22.0 cm Hardback 320pp 386 illustrations, 327 in colour

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