Copy of 9Ct Gold Signet Ring Engraved Square & Compass – Stone Set


Masonic ring – 9 carat Gold Signet Ring Engraved with the Masonic sign of the Square and Compass – Stone Set. If you supply your finger size we will make sure the ring is made the correct size for you. This is part of our free of charge service.

Please select your UK ring size. If you do not know your ring size, please check the ring converter website

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Ring Size

A, A 1/2, B, B 1/2, C, C 1/2, D, D 1/2, E, E 1/2, F, F 1/2, G, G 1/2, H, H 1/2, I, J, J 1/2, K, K 1/2, L, L 1/2, M, M 1/2, N, N 1/2, O, O 1/2, P, P 1/2, Q, Q 1/2, R, R 1/2, S, S 1/2, T, T 1/2, U, U 1/2, V, V 1/2, W, W 1/2, X, X 1/2, Y, Y 1/2, Z, Z 1/2