Albert Pike’s Lecture On Masonic Symbolism & A Second The Omkara


Publisher: Lewis Masonic

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Transcribed and Annotated by Rex R. Hutchens ñThe Superiority of Freemasonry to every other order and association, consists in its symbols, chiefly.î _ Albert Pike, Lecture on Masonic Symbolism The current Grand Master of Arizona, Ill. Rex R. Hutchens, 33Á G.C. has done it again, and his new study of Albert Pike`s rare Lectures is now available. Originally printed in a private edition of only 100 copies each in 1875, Pike`s two Lectures on Masonic Symbolism have been some of the most sought-after books by Masonic bibliophiles. In his Introduction Hutchens` explains how Pike believed that early Masons intentionally concealed the real lessons and true meanings of Freemasonry`s symbols. Pike also noted a continuing decline in the quality of the Masonic education and decried the perpetuation of ignorance _ common in his time, and more common in ours _ that led to a disrespect of the teachings of Freemasonry by the intelligent and educated Brethren. Hutchens asserts that the information contained in Lectures is, in some respect, timeless. Thus, it is as useful today as it was in Pike`s day. Topics include such varied topics as the symbolism of the Freemason`s apron, the triangle, the five and six-pointed stars, the greater and lesser tetractys, the square, sacred words, and much more. This work includes the full and complete texts of both Lectures, which are fully annotated by Dr. Hutchens, as well as high-quality reproductions of all illustrations from the original rare editions.

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